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Health Resource Centre

So many times we do what we do because we don't know. Here are some information, video's, articles and newsletters that reveal the truths that we need to hold on to live a healthy life style.

How many of us are praying for healing, but we eat ourselves to death?

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Foreword by the founder of The Anti-Diet Generation

A WELLNESS LIFESTYLE can determine your quality of life to a great extent. You can either go through life unhealthy with low levels of energy, stressed out living a mere existence, or embrace the fact that you hold the key to your health in your own hands.
Many times we are in denial to who is responsible for our present state of health.

Denial because all our lives we have been a victim of a system - they tell us what medicine to take, what foods to eat, what deaths to die (according to our father and grandfather) but most of all, a system that tells us there is nothing we can do about it!

Fortunately, due to the information explosion we have moved from the dark to the light concerning our lack of information regarding our health.

Unfortunately, due to the same explosion, there is so much contradicting information that we fall prey to the system once again!

Due to mere exhaustion from all this confusion, we choose to stay ignorant, because it gets just too complicated!

For those of you who are in denial, but with a sudden awakening, that realized your present lifestyle is not the road to longevity neither do you like the scenery and for those of you who chose ignorance, knowingly heading for a precipice, at the end of the road, hoping to some extent that you will grow wings before you hit the ground, this website, program and platform is for you!!!

We want to help you build wings, so to speak, to be free from your present lifestyle if it is not in excellence, without any confusion, starvation, straight jackets of bodies that imprison you.

All you need to do to be part of this exciting new journey of wellness is to admit and to confront your denial or ignorance. Do not make any excuses anymore - if it is really important to you, you will do something about it. We have tried to keep it simple and achievable. We like to talk about "baby steps"- remember any small change is better than a huge thought.

Come on, join The Anti Diet Generation and make the choice that will change your life and health forever!!


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